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If you find yourself in need of a long-lasting supply of glass tubes for your business, then working with SXET is the key to it. Not a lot of businesses are capable and skilled in doing what we do – and that’s just the beginning.

For over 12 years in business, we have proven our skills and capabilities in the art of glass tubing. Whether you need glass tubes for laboratory and research purposes, for construction and architecture, for medical and pharmaceutical, for lighting and fixtures, and for many others!

A Wide Range of Glass Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Quartz Glass, Schott Glass, etc.

Clear Glass Tube or Color Glass Tube is Available

أنبوب زجاجي من البورسليكات

One of SXET’s most common and most popular products is none other than borosilicate glass tubes. It’s easy-to-make, affordable, and it’s highly versatile to the extent that it’s usable for many parts and components across many business sectors and industries. Our borosilicate glass tubes can be bent, curved, and formed to whatever size and shape you need it to be.

أنبوب الكوارتز

Quartz glass tubes are among the most common and most favored items in our arsenal. The way we manufacture our quartz tubes are unlike others as we perform it in the best and the cleanest methods we can. You can take advantage of our custom quartz tubes if you are in the lighting and fixture business, the architectural business, and even in the laboratory and medical industry.

أنبوب زجاجي شوت

As the top Schott Glass supplier in the country, we wouldn’t let our glass tubing products pass without any Schott in it. Our Schott glass tubes are complete with all the properties and traits you’re looking for. Whether you want your Schott glass tubes to have high levels of light transmission, if you want excellent-quality surface treatment, or if you want an extremely accurate outside diameter, SXET can be your go-to company for it.

أنبوب زجاجي ملون

Add color to the borosilicate, quartz, and tempered glass tubing you’re purchasing. With our expertise here at SXET, we can produce supreme colored glass tubes that are all within your expectations. We perform various methods of glass printing, from silkscreen printing, digital printing, heat printing, and others – it’ll surely exceed all your expectations.

أنبوب زجاجي شفاف

Other than our superior-quality colored glass tubes, we here at SXET can be the company you’ll trust for all the different types of transparent glass tubes you need. We’re capable of producing OEM transparent glass tubes, perfect for whatever business application you need it for – whatever position you have in the supply chain!

أنبوب زجاجي كبير

Should you need small, medium, even large glass tubes, SXET can be your go-to company for it. We will never fail you if you ever find yourself requiring custom-sized glass tubing, and it wouldn’t compromise the quality that you’re looking for even if we keep on toggling and modifying the dimensions of the glass tubing you want.

Custom Glass Tube as per Your Need

For all the different types and kinds of glass tubes you need, SXET is a call or an email away. Across China, we’ve been the most trusted manufacturer when it comes to the production or manufacturing of various glass tubes.

Whether you want a thin-diameter, small glass tube, or if you require large glass tubes for your business, we got it all for you! SXET is equipped with the right equipment, tools, and people in producing custom glass tubes!

SXET has all the experience in producing a wide variety of optical glass tubes, quartz glass tubes, fused silica glass tubes, tempered glass tubes, to the most basic and standard of borosilicate glass tubes. We perform based on what our clients ask of us without the need to remind us repeatedly.

And in case you’re asking how we cut glass tubes, we use state-of-the-art and cutting-edge machinery and equipment for it. All our OEM quartz tubes, colored glass tubes, and transparent glass tubing are never warmed by the hands – we have all the right equipment in handling it.

Our transparent glass tubes, along with our colored glass tubes are usable in a wide variety of business sectors and industries, and the most common ones include the laboratory industry, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the construction and architectural industry, lighting, and fixtures industry, and many more!

  • SXET can produce OEM glass tubing (colored or transparent)
  • We make use of different materials like borosilicate, quartz, fused silica, tempered glass, etc.
  • We perform ultrasonic baths for the cleansing of our units
  • SXET does not have a minimum order requirement (MoQ)
  • All your orders will arrive within 7 to 12 days from the date of payment

If you want custom glass tubes without any compromising act on their quality and overall efficiency, then working with us here at SXET is your best bet.

Get world-class quality glass tubing without overpaying for your orders – contact us and we’ll send over a free quotation your way!

Glass Tube – The Complete FAQ and Buying Guide

Get glass tube units that are more than what you’re expecting here with us at SXET. We can produce tempered glass tubes, glass test tubes, quartz test tubes, and many others!

The best part about working with our company is that we are skilled and equipped with the right set of tools in producing custom glass tubes that are perfect for many different types and kinds of applications.

  1. ما هو الأنبوب الزجاجي؟
  2. Glass Tubing Applications
  3. How Are Glass Tubes Cut?
  4. What Glass Products Are Used to Produce Glass Tubes?
  5. Colored Glass Tubes vs. Transparent Glass Tubes
  6. What Are the Different Sizes of Borosilicate Glass Tubes?
  7. Borosilicate Glass Tubes Characteristics
  8. سخان أنبوب الكوارتز
  9. What is Quartz Tube Heating?
  10. Fused Silica Tube vs. High-Temperature Quartz Tubes
  11. How Do you Cut Pyrex Glass Tubes?
  12. What to Look For in a Custom Glass Tube Manufacturer?
  13. What Are the Advantages of Quartz Glass Tubing?
  14. Where Can You Buy Glass Tubes?
  15. Can You Purchase Custom Glass Tubes?

ما هو الأنبوب الزجاجي؟

Different size glass tube

Figure 1- Image of different-sized glass tubing

Glass tubing, also commonly referred to as molded glass, is made and formed as hollow wares. This particular form is made via many different types of glass and other similar materials.

You’ll never be confused in identifying glass tubes from other types and kinds of glass because their shape and overall form are unique.

So, where do you use these glass tubes?

Glass Tubing Applications

You’ll find a lot of uses and applications for glass tubing. And, in fact, several businesses purchase many stocks of glass tubing for backup purposes.

Glass tube application

Figure 2 – A sample application of glass tubes

While it’s a versatile and flexible material, you’ll find that among the most common uses for these glass products would be for test tubes, which are used in laboratories, the medical industry, the food industry, and the research & development (R&D) industry.

Apart from that, glass tubes are also used in other business sectors and industries. You would literally have no limits as to what you can use it for.

  • صناعة الإضاءة والتجهيزات
  • أنظمة الطاقة الشمسية الحرارية
  • Construction (Engineering and Architecture) Industry
  • تغليف الأدوية
  • الصناعة الطبية

NOTE: These aren’t the only business sectors they’re used for. You will find many of them as you experience using them for your own business!

How Are Glass Tubes Cut?

There are various processes and methods of cutting or producing glass tubes. This information is relevant as not all glass tubes are required to be the same size. Therefore, you need to know the procedures that are going to be done to manipulate and modify its physical state.

أنبوب زجاجي شفاف

Figure 3- Cut glass tubes for the preparation of application

More often than not, manufacturers perform different methods in cutting glass tubes. But, the most common and standard procedure is as follows:

  1. The glass tube is sent into the scoring chamber.
  2. This scoring chamber will mark and score the glass tube based on how it’s going to be cut.
  3. Once the score is deep and accurate, it’ll then be sent into a lathe or any other type of cutting machine.
  4. From there, the glass tube will be cut according to the score or the mark.

NOTE: Many glass tube suppliers cut their products manually. This is to ensure accuracy and precision – as glass is something that’s fragile and easy to break.

That being said, what sizes are available for these glass tubes? What are the primary measurements that businesses and clients have for it?

What Glass Products Are Used to Produce Glass Tubes?

الألياف الزجاجية

Figure 4 – Glass fiber – one of the materials used to create glass tubes

Similar to other glass products, glass tubing units can also be made from a versatile set of materials. It’s not like they’re just made from one (1) single type of glass – in fact, it’s the other way around!

You’ll be able to use many different types of glass for the production/manufacturing of glass tubes. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • الزجاج البورسليكات
  • زجاج الكوارتز
  • زجاج السيليكا المصهور
  • الزجاج البصري
  • زجاج صلب
  • Schott Glass or AGC Glass

NOTE: The properties of the glass tubing you’ll be purchasing, of course, would depend on the quality and the type of glass you’ll use as its base or foundation.

Colored Glass Tubes vs. Transparent Glass Tubes

أنبوب زجاجي ملون مقابل أنبوب زجاجي شفاف

Figure 5 – Different-sized glass tubes for the display and aesthetics

Of course, the primary difference between these two (2) types of glass tubes is their appearance. Obviously, colored-glass tubes contain a specific hue or color, while transparent glass tubes do not.

Here are some of the other differences between colored glass tubes and transparent glass tubes:

Colored Glass Tube Advantages

  • You can use the colors to identify the applications they’re for
  • Most colored glass tubes have better thermal expansion
  • They’re highly temperature resistant
  • Most of them are lead-free

Transparent Glass Tube Advantages

  • Perfect for light and electric uses and applications
  • Good semiconductors
  • Has a versatile and flexible use

While these distinctions seem far from one another, they’re actually the same and similar. Many experts believe that difference in the color only means a different hue. With their functionality, though, it’s just technically the same.

What Are the Different Sizes of Borosilicate Glass Tubes?

Contrary to popular belief, the sizes of borosilicate glass tubes aren’t just a few – they تتجاوز 100.

Custom borosilicate glass tubes

Figure 6 – Borosilicate glass tubes in varying sizes

So, knowing and being aware of the different sizes will be irrelevant, unless of course, your business is to offer raw borosilicate glass tubes.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick list of the different sizes of borosilicate glass tubes that are offered by glass tube manufacturing companies in the market.

  • 4 مم - 9.53 مم
  • 10 مم - 12.7 مم
  • 13 مم - 15.9 مم
  • 16 مم - 19 مم
  • 20 مم - 24 مم
  • 48 مم - 51 مم
  • 75 مم - 85 مم

NOTE: Don’t restrict yourself to these sizes because these are not all the sizes available. There are far more you can purchase in the market, in fact, you can even purchase custom glass tubes!

For custom glass tubes, though, the sizes, thicknesses, and dimensions aren’t the only things customizable. You will even find many other factors that you can specify and customize. We’ll talk more about that in the latter part of this guide.

Borosilicate Glass Tubes Characteristics

Identifying the properties of borosilicate glass tubing is relevant because it will dictate its overall strength and capability.

خصائص أنابيب زجاج البوروسيليكات

Figure 7 – Different sizes of borosilicate glass tubes grouped with one another

In case you’re not aware, borosilicate glass is among the most-used and most-purchased glass tube types in the market. And they are because of the following properties:

Chemical/Compound Composition SiO2 – 65 to 68%; Na2O 3 to 9% ; AI2O3 – 1 to 5%; B2O3 – 8 to 15% ; K2O – 2% (max)
عسر الماء Mohs Hardness – 6
ذوبان نقطة درجة مئوية 1252
التوصيل الحراري 1.15 واط / ك
درجة حرارة التليين درجة مئوية 821
مؤشر الانكسار 1.471 نانومتر
نسبة بواسون 0.20
قوة الشد 832 كجم / cm2

These properties will help you decide whether a borosilicate glass tube is something that can help you with your business or if you need another material for glass tubing.

سخان أنبوب الكوارتز

Quartz or fused silica is another glass material considered as one of the best and most popular when it comes to the production of glass tubing.

Custom quartz glass tube

Figure 8 – Quartz glass tube heaters for lighting and fixture applications

Why? – This is because of the fact that they’re a material that can equally dispense heat.

Usually made as lamps, quartz tube heaters have been known to be one of the most effective materials for heating considerable amounts of materials and home spaces.

There are many different types and kinds of quartz or fused silica heaters in the market, so, don’t be confused about what to pick. We’ll teach you the different ways of how you can buy and get glass tubes in the latter part of this guide.

What is Quartz Tube Heating?

Many businesses are on the hunt for quartz tube heaters. But, to help you out with it momentarily, here’s what quartz heating is.

Custom quartz tube

Figure 9 – Quartz glass tube used for heating purposes

It’s the type of heating, also commonly referred to as short-wave infrared heating. This type of heating utilizes infrared waves to heat objects’ surfaces, which are usually below visible light.

It’s an effective and efficient way of heating because it’s applicable and effective in both indoor and outdoor heating, because of its intensity.

Fused Silica Tube vs. High-Temperature Quartz Tubes

This debate has been going strong for a few business years now. And, the debate does not revolve around glass tubes alone. It’s generally a comparison between fused silica and quartz.

Quartz heating tube

Figure 10 – Glass test tubes made out of fused silica

So, how do these two (2) types of glass tubing differ?

Fused Silica Tubes are glass tubing that’s made from pure glass. It’s a synthetic material and it’s known to have the highest temperature characteristics. It’s composed of non-crystalline silica glass.

Quartz Tubes, on the other hand, are made from crystalline silica, usually from the grains of naturally melted and purified materials.

أنبوب كوارتز بدرجة حرارة عالية

Figure 11 – High-temperature fused silica glass tubes

What key traits do both have that aren’t common between them?

Quartz Glass Tubing Fused Silica Tubing
Made from silica grains; also known as crystalline grains Made from silicon glass or silica sand
It’s a non-crystalline product It can have a 3D structure, cross-linked
Contains low OH (hydroxyl) content غير متبلور
Can be produced in varying thicknesses Can be produced in varying thicknesses


How Do you Cut Pyrex Glass Tubes?

Fused silica tube

Figure 12 – Pyrex-made glass tubes

Pyrex glass tubing are known as the brand that offers the strongest and most reliable glass products. So, how are Pyrex glass tubes cut, sliced, and divided?

It is known that the procedure of cutting Pyrex-made glass tubing does not fall far from how borosilicate glass tubes are cut. The process simply goes like this:

  1. Score the surface or the exterior of the Pyrex glass tube based on the cut you want it to have.
  2. You can use a glass cutter or a “jaw” to score it.
  3. Then, using a carbide wheel (water-cooled rubber-bonded silicon), cut it.
  4. Alternatively, you can also break it through the score you’ve made.

NOTE: The second (2nd) option (the alternative) is the option that’s taken by many people because it doesn’t require any type of equipment. What it does need, though, is extreme precision and accuracy.

What to Look For in a Custom Glass Tube Manufacturer?

In finding the custom glass tube supplier to work with, there are a few things you need to find or take note of.

Glass tube manufacturer production process

Figure 13 – Glass tube manufacturer production process

Doing so will allow you to maximize your time with the manufacturer and to determine whether you’re working with the correct one or not.

Here are some of the things worth noting and checking in a custom glass tube supplier/manufacturer:

قدرة الإنتاج

First things first, make sure that the manufacturer/supplier you’re working with is capable of producing the amount you require. For instance, if you need about 500 to 1,000 pcs of glass tubing per week, find a supplier that can produce upwards of 2,000 so that you have leeway.

Checking and Inspection

Who wants to work with a custom glass tube supplier that is not constantly checking and assessing the quality of work? Most of the time, the final product’s quality would depend on the inspector or the person checking the product before its release in the market.

التشطيب السطحي

There are many different surface finishing techniques and procedures for glass tubing. In our opinion, being the best custom glass tube manufacturer in China, work with one that has a wide array of skills and capabilities in doing so. Not many of us know about these surface finishing procedures, so, take note of what these are.

الاهتمام بالتفاصيل

Last, but most definitely not least is a manufacturer’s attention to detail. This is often misunderstood as checking and inspection, but it’s not. Attention to detail requires more of a technical and skillful approach rather than just checking the final output. In most cases, attention to detail would include the thickness of the glass tube, the transmittance levels, and all other physical things connected to it.

By making sure that you have all of these in check, it’ll only require you a few efforts in producing and manufacturing the specific glass tubing products your business needs and requires.

What Are the Advantages of Quartz Glass Tubing?

Getting Quartz Glass alone is already a big thing. What more if you use it for glass tubing? Here are some of the advantages and benefits of using quartz glass tubing for your business applications.

أنبوب الكوارتز

Figure 14 – Quartz glass tubes are flexible, versatile, and extremely durable

NOTE: This refers to the use of glass tubes for businesses and companies, not for the businesses that sell them. Nevertheless, they can still be used as a marketing technique.

High Level of Purity

Quartz glass tubes have high levels of purity. Since they’re made out of crystalline or silica grains, you can expect them to be pure all the way through. The typical purity of quartz glass tubes are usually 98% and above – and with us here at SXET, can promise 99.99% purity.

Strong and High Hardness Level

Quartz glass units are known to be one of the best, strongest, and most reliable types of glass materials in the market today. You will never compromise the quality of your products if you choose quartz glass to be part of your arsenal. Usually lays between 6 to 8 Mohs in the hardness scale, they’re something you can definitely rely on.

مقاومة كبيرة للحرارة

Due to its good thermal properties, temperature resistance shall never be an issue when it comes to Quartz glass. You can work it in temperatures around 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius without causing any problem with quality.

Excellent Light Transmittance

Other than its strong physical properties and its overall resistance, Quartz Glass tubing is also known for its excellent levels of light transmittance. They’re five (5) times better than standard or regular float glass when it comes to resistance, especially with its tubing application.

Good Levels of Shock Stability/Resistance

Last, but most definitely not least is the fact that it boasts excellent levels of shock stability and shock resistance. Its thermal expansion coefficient is stagnant at about 5.5 x 10 to 7 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the control it has is at 20 PPM, all the way down to 2 PPM.

Where Can You Buy Glass Tubes?

You will never experience a shortage of glass tubes in the market, especially if you look through the different options you have in China. Many Chinese manufacturing companies offer different types and classes of glass tubes for their clients.

There are tons of suppliers and manufacturers offering glass tubes. Whether you’re in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, or other parts of the world, you will never run out of options where you can purchase glass tubes.

May it be custom glass tubes, pre-made glass tubes, even large – to extra large glass tubes, there are many companies you can trust and work with.

Can You Purchase Custom Glass Tubes?

Figure 15 – Custom glass tubes in varying thicknesses and sizes

Yes, many glass tube manufacturers and suppliers offer customizations and specifications on orders. This is for the purpose that not all businesses and companies use the same size of glass tubes.

For instance, companies and businesses in the lighting and fixture industry need large glass tubes, which are usually for the purpose of adding them as parts or components of the fixture.

And while you may find these companies difficult to come by, you wouldn’t have any problems getting it if you choose to work with us here at SXET. SXET is equipped with the right amount of equipment, machines, and skills in producing and manufacturing custom glass tubes.

Whether you need small glass tubes, large glass tubes, borosilicate glass tubes, fused silica glass tubes, optical glass tubes, or even glass test tubes for laboratory equipment, we got what you need!

Can You Trust SXET With Your Glass Tubes?

We here at SXET aren’t just the top Chinese custom glass tube manufacturer – we are also one of the world’s most trusted suppliers when it comes to many different types and kinds of glass tubes.

Whether you need borosilicate glass tubes, high-tempered quartz glass tubes, Schott glass tubes, and even colored glass tubes, we got what you need.

Formatting the sketch or the draft of the glass tubes you need will absolutely get your attention as our professionals and experts here at SXET are experienced from the sketching/drafting, up to the making or executing.

Top Benefits of Working With SXET For Your Glass Tubes

Being the best, you can trust us with everything that revolves around your glass tubing. Here are some of the business benefits and advantages you can entrust to us here at SXET:

  • We offer custom packing and packaging for your orders
  • SXET can produce custom glass tubes using many different materials
  • You can use the glass tubing products you’ll order from us for many different applications
  • We can add other specific touches to the glass tubes you’ll purchase from us

With SXET, you will never have a problem with the borosilicate glass tubes, quartz glass tubes, and optical glass tubes you will get. We’ll make sure that it’s within – even exceeds your expectations and we’ll be open to modifications and changes.

Work With China’s Number One Glass Tubing Supplier Today

Wherever you are in the world, whatever sector or business industry you’re in, and for whatever application you may need it for, SXET will deliver.

Communicate whatever requirements you need to us and we will surely deliver. Contact us today and get the most out of the glass tubes you need for your business.

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