Custom Gorilla Glass 4 As Per Your Request, 0.33 - 2mm

For years, SXET has been producing the best and the highest quality Gorilla Glass 4 products in the market.

Most, if not all our Gorilla Glass 4 products have all the qualities of Gorilla Glass 4 that you’re looking for. They’re scratch-resistant, they’re water-resistant, and they’re unlikely to shatter and be damaged easily.

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كورنينج الغوريلا الزجاج شنومكس

If you’re looking for accurate and precise كورنينج الغوريلا زجاج 4 products, you can get it from us here at SXET! We’re skilled and capable in producing or manufacturing OEM of Corning Gorilla Glass 4! SXET can fabricate and manufacture Corning Gorilla Glass 4 in a wide range of thicknesses – from 0.3 mm up to 2 mm!

زجاج الغوريلا

If ever you find yourself in need of a غوريلا زجاج 4 manufacturing company, you can count and bank on us here at SXET to help you! We can perform hole drilling, pressing, as well as other machining processes via computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines.

غاز الغوريلا 3

SXET can be the main Gorilla Glass 4 factory you can trust as we’re capable of producing square, circle, oval, rectangular, or whatever type of shape you want your products to be in! The hole drilling activity you can have in hole drilling Gorilla Glass 4 is at 0.1 mm in diameter.

زجاج الغوريلا المخصص

Should you need custom Gorilla Glass products, all you have to do is to send us the design or the drawing of the product you have via CORE, AI, DWG, PDF, and so on. Get the custom Gorilla Glass products you need from the top and the best custom Gorilla Glass manufacturer.

زجاج غوريلا مقوى

Should you be in dire need of a tempered Gorilla Glass manufacturer, you can bank and trust us here in SXET. We’re skilled and adept in producing high-quality tempered Gorilla Glass for your smartphones, tablets, iPads, monitor screens, televisions, as well as a touchscreen, and digital displays.

زجاج الغوريلا كورنينج

SXET can be your one and only Corning Glass 4 manufacturing company. We’re skilled and capable of providing Corning Gorilla Glass OEM products that you can use for the production or the manufacturing of your devices.

Gorilla Glass 4 One-stop Solution and Manufacturer, Over 12 Years Experience

SXET can manufacture for you different edges of Gorilla Glass 4 products. You can get a 2D edge, 2.5D edge, and 3D edge, beveled edge, polished edge, curved edge, and even stepped edge of Gorilla Glass 4!

Should you choose SXET to be your Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturer, you can be sure of the quality of the products as we perform ultrasonic bath cleaning processes for all products that we work on.

Forget about the previous Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturers you’ve worked with. Try to deviate and work with the most reliable, the most trusted, and the most skilled Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturer in the market – SXET.

SXET’s Gorilla Glass 4 products are highly treated and improved – they undergo multiple testing procedures before they’re packaged and distributed to retailers, merchandisers, and even end-consumers.

Because of the skill, versatility, and flexibility of our experts, you can get Gorilla Glass 4 products that are anti-reflective (AR), anti-glare (AG), and anti-fingerprint (AF) coated!

Regular Gorilla Glass 4 products have been reported to survive 80% of drop tests. SXET’s Gorilla Glass 4 products are the most ideal for impact, pressure, as well as other types of damage!

Whatever design you have, and no matter what shape or form you’re looking for, you just have to send us a copy of your design in AI, CDR, PDF, DXF, or DWG format and we’ll create the Gorilla Glass 4 product that you need!

Why is SXET the Best Option In Getting Gorilla Glass 4?

You can use Gorilla Glass 4 for the manufacturing of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, digital and touchscreen kiosks, ATMs, and many more!

Choosing SXET as your Gorilla Glass 4 China manufacturer will be the most efficient choice you’ll ever have!

  • Lead time for your orders are going to be around 7 to 12 days from payment confirmation
  • We can package your Gorilla Glass 4 products in what you choose
  • We can do hole drilling applications to your orders
  • Color-printing is available and will depend on the colors you want
  • Adhesive sticking (3M tape or glue) for your Gorilla Glass 4 products

Choosing SXET as your Gorilla Glass 4 supplier will take a heap of the burden off of your shoulders. We’ll be the ones to help you with the design, the make, as well as how you want your Gorilla Glass 4 product to be.

Other than Gorilla Glass 4, you can also trust us if you need 3D خفف من الزجاج, الغوريلا زجاج 3, زجاج الهاتف, غطي العدسة, الزجاج المقوى كيميائياوغيرها الكثير!

Send us a message through our email address or phone us and we’ll send you a free estimate or a free quotation of the Gorilla Glass 4 products you need! Get ahold of us and get world-class quality Gorilla Glass 4!

قطع الزجاج

تصنيع الزجاج باستخدام الحاسب الآلي

طحن الزجاج باستخدام الحاسب الآلي

تصنيع الزجاج باستخدام الحاسب الآلي

Gorilla Glass 4 – The Complete FAQ Guide

Wherever you are in the world, Gorilla Glass 4 is considered to be one of the toughest types of glass, thanks to its physical and mechanical properties.

So, if you’re looking for the best Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturer, you’re just in the right guide! We here at SXET are deemed to be China’s top Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturer!

Before we get into that, let’s briefly too few things about Gorilla Glass 4.

سعر زجاج الغوريلا 4

Determining the price of Gorilla Glass 4 will depend on the size you’ll be purchasing it in.

مادة زجاج الغوريلا 4

Comparison of Gorilla Glass 4 and regular aluminosilicate glass

Moreover, you’ll also have to determine and identify the properties and functionalities it will have.

The best and most accurate way to figure it out would be to contact the Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturing company you’ll work with.

Should your choice of Gorilla Glass 4 China manufacturer be with us here at SXET, you got yourself a treat! Our company has been widely known not only for our cheap rates but also for the quality of our glass products.

We can get you the highest and the best Gorilla Glass 4 products you’re looking for!

Gorilla Glass 4 vs. Victus

Gorilla glass victus

Sample image of what the Gorilla Glass Victus looks like

Gorilla Glass Victus is one of the many variants of the Gorilla Glass. It’s one of the newer versions of the Gorilla Glass released back in 2020 and is also made out of aluminosilicate glass.

Since its primary material is still Gorilla Glass, you can expect fewer differences between them. Nevertheless, let’s try to find out how they differ in terms of various factors.

الغوريلا زجاج 4 غوريلا زجاج فيكتوس
Released in 2014 and is used by many smartphones and smartwatches today. Newest variants of the Gorilla Glass.  Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was the first to use it.
Twice as strong as the Gorilla Glass 3. Twice as strong as Gorilla Glass 6.
Offers drop resistance from a height of 1 meter with a 70% success rate. Offers drop resistance from a height of two (2) meters, guaranteed.


As we may have noticed, Gorilla Glass Victus clearly outweighs Gorilla Glass 4. Of course, it’s newer, better, stronger, and more durable because it’s the most advanced type of Gorilla Glass yet.

But, it’ll require you to be ready for how much you’ll have to pay for. Since it carries more functionalities and features, they tend to be a lot more expensive than all of its other predecessors.

Gorilla Glass 4G Mobile

You’ll find many different brands and manufacturers of smartphones that utilize Gorilla Glass 4.

Samsung smartphone that uses Gorilla Glass 4 as its primary screen

Some of the most common and the most popular names include Samsung, Sony, ASUS, and Huawei.

So, if you’re a new manufacturer in the market looking for Gorilla Glass 4 for your product, SXET has all the products you need. We have an arsenal of Gorilla Glass 4 products that you can choose from! We can even help you with a custom Gorilla Glass 4, specific for your mobile device!

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Scratch Test

Although it has publicly been recorded that Gorilla Glass 4 is scratch-resistant, it can’t resist everything all the way through.

Gorilla glass scratch test

Image of a person scratch testing the Gorilla Glass 4 screen

However, unlike what most people think, they can’t be scratched easily. The only real thing about them being scratch-resistant is the fact you can expect them to handle sharp objects without having the fear of being scratched instantaneously.

We here at SXET can give you complete assurance that our Gorilla Glass 4 products would be scratch-resistant. We carefully analyze and check all products before we package them for distribution.

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 vs. Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass 4 is the successor of the famous Gorilla Glass 3. Since it’s newer and more advanced, it’ll have better and more improved features, right? It actually isn’t what the case is.

زجاج الغوريلا 3 ضد زجاج الغوريلا 4

Comparison of Gorilla Glass 3 and Gorilla Glass 4

In fact, many experts argued that the Gorilla Glass 3 was able to offer better scratch resistance than the Gorilla Glass 4.

However, if we were to look at the impact, pressure, and drop properties, the newer variant wins. The successor, of course, is more durable, a lot stronger, and more versatile than its predecessor.

Gorilla Glass 4 survived twice as much as Gorilla Glass 3 did. Moreover, it functioned and operated well even if it was subjected to rough surfaces.

Still can’t decide which Gorilla Glass variant to go with? Work with the number one Gorilla Glass 4 supplier in the Baoan District – or in the whole of China. We will never cease to amaze you when we present to you the line of products that we have.

جوّالات Corning Gorilla Glass 4

زجاج الغوريلا 4 يستخدم للهواتف الذكية

Image of a BlackBerry Priv – a smartphone that uses Gorilla Glass 4

There are numerous mobile phones and devices that utilize Corning’s Gorilla Glass 4. To name the most famous units and models, they include:

  • سامسونج غالاكسي ألفا
  • ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser
  • سامسونج غالاكسي حافة S6
  • سامسونج جالاكسي ملاحظة 4
  • بلاك بيري PRIV
  • ASUS Zenfone Selfie
  • موتورولا موتو Z
  • جوجل بكسل XL
  • لMEIZU 6
  • و أكثر من ذلك بكثير!

Due to the effectiveness and the strength that the Gorilla Glass 4 promise, these manufacturers trusted the product with their devices!

In fact, some of those manufacturers trusted us here at SXET to provide for them! We were the Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturing company that supplied the Gorilla Glass 4 products to some of those devices!

These brands and big companies trusted us. Therefore, it won’t be wrong for you to trust us too!

Huawei Gorilla Glass Phones

a glass 4 uses for Hua weiImage of a Huawei phone that has Gorilla Glass as its primary component

Ever since the boom of Gorilla Glass Products, Huawei was one of the first few companies that embraced it.

In fact, some of its earlier flagship smartphones already had Gorilla Glass material. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Huawei Mate 10 (Gorilla Glass front and back)
  • هواوي بسنومكس برو
  • بالإضافة إلى P10
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Gorilla Glass front and back)

Waterproof and Gorilla Glass Mobile

Being the best Gorilla Glass manufacturing company here in China, we here at SXET are used to seeing a ton of waterproof and Gorilla Glass mobile phones.

Waterproof gorilla glass

A waterproof Gorilla Glass 4-enabled smartphone

Believe it or not, some world-renowned companies trusted and chose us to be their supplier. We’re the best in creating and providing Gorilla Glass 4 in the Baoan District and we’re skilled and adept in producing a wide array of variants.

You can rely on us to manufacture and produce whatever Gorilla Glass products you need for your phones and devices!

Gorilla Glass 3 vs. Gorilla Glass 5: Which is Better?

Comparing Gorilla Glass 3 to Gorilla Glass 5 is like comparing 2 generations after.

A smartphone that is installed with a Gorilla Glass 5

Gorilla Glass 3 was made with only limited resources. On the other hand, Gorilla Glass 5 was made after all materials and resources have been finalized in the creation or the manufacturing of Gorilla Glass.

To cut it to you simply, Gorilla Glass 5 is a robust, more enhanced, and more developed Gorilla Glass 3. It’s twice as strong, resistant to scratches, impact, and pressure, as its predecessor.

In addition to that, Gorilla Glass 5 offers superior protection against shock, promising a guaranteed survival rate of up to 1.2-meter drops onto roughened and hardened surfaces, while Gorilla Glass 3 offers a 70% success rate on a 1-meter drop.

The combination of sheer strength, durability, and resistance that the Gorilla Glass 5 is what makes it a more effective option for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other types of devices.

Gorilla Glass 3 Durability

The strength and overall durability of the famous Gorilla Glass 3 beat out Aluminum.

Durability gorilla glass 4

Gorilla Glass 3 being scratched

Yes, it has been reported a couple of times and many experts deem it to be a lot longer lasting than the said element.

Due to the natural procedures on how they’re made, they come out strong, drop-resistant, and impact-resistant.

Moreover, based on lab tests, Gorilla Glass 3 was able to withstand up to 4x the damage compared to the usual and the regular aluminosilicate glasses. Here are a couple of the properties of Gorilla Glass 3:

  • Poisson’s Ratio – 0.22
  • Vickers Hardness (200g load) – 555 kgf/mm2 (not strengthened)
  • Standard Thickness of about 0.4 mm to 2.0 mm
  • Strain Point (10 over 14.7 poises) – 580 degrees Celsius

By these figures alone, we’ll already be able to determine the durability of Gorilla Glass 3. Apart from that, it’s also good to know and learn about the scratch test performance of the said product.

As a matter of fact, that brings us to our next factor, which is…

Gorilla Glass 3 Scratch Test

Corning, the original manufacturer of all Gorilla Glass products, performed scratch testing on the Gorilla Glass 3 and put it side-by-side with regular and traditional aluminosilicate glass (Al-Si).

Based on the Knoop Diamond Scratch Test, the scratches were more visible and more appearing on the Aluminosilicate glass even if it was just subjected to 4 Newton Load. On the flip side, Gorilla Glass 3 showed bare minimum scratches even if it was subjected to 7 Newton Load.

هواتف زجاج الغوريلا

Even before the rise of Gorilla Glasses 3 and 4, some smartphone manufacturers already decided that the Gorilla Glass material is for them.

Smartphone uses gorilla glass

Image of some of the smartphones that use Gorilla Glass

In fact, even the older version of mobile phones from some manufacturers used Gorilla Glass not just for the screens, but also for the back part of their devices.

The first devices that have been seen to use the ancestors of the current Gorilla Glass 4 were the T-Mobile G1 as well as the iPhone 3G. This brought and made Gorilla Glass be in the ranks for the future generation of phones.

واقي شاشة زجاج الغوريلا

Should you be on the lookout for Gorilla Glass screen protectors, you can bank and count on us here at SXET!

زجاج الغوريلا ضد سكارتش

Sample of a tempered Gorilla Glass

If it weren’t for our clients, we wouldn’t be the top producer of Gorilla Glass 4 screen protectors in the Baoao District – let alone across the entire country of China.

We can provide samples of the Gorilla Glass screen protectors that you’re looking for. This is for you to check whether or not our products are within your expectation.

But, we can give you a full guarantee that you’ll find our Gorilla Glass screen protectors your best option.

Gorilla Glass Screen Protector on Amazon

Amazon has a full wide range of Gorilla Glass screen protectors. You can choose and pick from many different types and kinds of brands.

Some of Amazon’s top-selling products of Gorilla Glass-grade screen protectors

Yes, purchasing from Amazon can give you the assurance that the products you’ll purchase are legitimate. On the flip side, looking at the prices, they can be a bit overwhelming. You’ll see Gorilla Glass screen protectors that are priced at $9 each, $11 each – some even go as high as $40 each.

Why settle for these rates if you can purchase cheaply and affordably from us here at SXET? For years, we’ve been producing high-quality Gorilla Glass 4 products (including screen protectors front & back) for our clients.

The more you purchase, the more discounts and price cuts you’ll get!

اختبار السقوط من زجاج الغوريلا 3

Part of the most exciting things about purchasing Gorilla Glass is that it has been tested. It’s been tested multiple times and in a few different ways, too.

Image of Gorilla Glass 3 dropped for the drop test

Drop test, in case you don’t know, is the test that’s done to Gorilla Glass 4 products to prove that they’re able to withstand being dropped from a certain height.

When it comes to drop tests, the Gorilla Glass 3 product was able to give a 70% chance of survival for 1-meter drops. As a matter of fact, it has been reported that the Gorilla Glass 3 was the most scratch-resistant out of all its aluminosilicate counterparts.

It was deemed and considered the best in its generation.

Gorilla Glass 3 Release Date

The Gorilla Glass 3’s release date was back in January of 2013. It was the year when the first few kinds of smartphones were being released and sold to the public.

Back then, we here at SXET were able to create a perfect OEM or original equipment manufacturer version of it. You’ll barely be able to tell the differences because of the excellence that it has!

Now that more Gorilla Glass variants are coming out in the market, you can always bank and rely on us here at SXET to help you produce whatever type of Gorilla Glass product you need.

زجاج غوريلا مخصص

SXET can also be your main Gorilla Glass manufacturing company if you’re looking for custom products.

Sample image of a custom Gorilla Glass product

Whatever shape, form, and overall appearance of Gorilla Glass 4 you’re looking for, we got you!

So long as your needs are within our requirements, you’ll never worry about the specifications of your custom Gorilla Glass!

Gorilla Glass Coating

The coating for Gorilla Glass actually depends on the result clients are looking for. When in fact, there’s no real guarantee of the coating type to be applied.

Comparison of a coated and a non-coated Gorilla Glass

In recent years, though, several Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturers started to apply various layers of coating along the lines of anti-reflective coating and anti-smudge or anti-fingerprint coating.

Therefore, it’s safe to say and conclude that Gorilla Glass coating has oleophobic coating as the most common type of coating present on Gorilla Glass products.

Gorilla Glass Screen Guard

Here at SXET, we’re not just adept and skilled in producing Gorilla Glass screen protectors and tempered glass – we can help you with Gorilla Glass screen guards, too!

Gorilla Glass 4 screen guard sample for an OPPO smartphone

Whether you’re looking for regular screen guards for the front end of your device, or if you want it to cover the entirety of the smartphone (front & back), we can help you!

We’ve made and produced Gorilla Glass screen guards for various device manufacturers and brands – that alone makes us technically the best and the most trusted Gorilla Glass 4 China manufacturing company.

زجاج غوريلا مقوى

Gorilla Glass Panel

The use of Gorilla Glass encompassed its traditional consumer-end products. As a matter of fact, it’s now also being used in the appliances and architectural industry!

Custom cut Gorilla Glass panel

There are several companies that make use of Gorilla Glass panels for windows, dividers, doors, and other fixtures in the household or professional setting.

And if that’s what you’re aiming for, SXET can be the Gorilla Glass 4 panel manufacturer you can trust. Over the years, we’ve produced and provided several thousand Gorilla Glass panels for various business types and sectors.

We worked hand-in-hand with companies in the construction or structural industry, businesses in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as those in the maritime and aerospace sectors, too!

Tempered Gorilla Glass For Samsung

Sample image of a Gorilla Glass tempered glass

SXET also possesses skill and knowledge in creating or manufacturing tempered Gorilla Glass for Samsung products, whether it’s for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, televisions – and even refrigerators!

Our comprehensive knowledge and skill when it comes to manufacturing tempered Gorilla Glass products are what convinced large corporations and companies to be in business with us!

Galaxy S10 Screen Protector Gorilla Glass

Across the entire district of Baoan, SXET has been the most trusted and the most banked on Gorilla Glass 4 supplier.

SXET can produce Gorilla Glass screen protectors for Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus!

Never have we failed to exceed the expectations of the businesses that come to our door. As always, we proved all of our competitors wrong!

Whether you need a Gorilla Glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, or the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, we got you! The best part about that is our limitation – we have no limits as to the capabilities that we have in producing Gorilla Glass screen protectors! Meaning, you can get screen protector Gorilla Glasses from us for whatever type of device you have!

Gorilla Tempered Glass iPhone 11

You’ll find multiple iPhone 11 Gorilla tempered glasses in the market. There are tons of options online – you can look through eBay, Amazon, as well as other online retail shops and stores.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to go elsewhere to purchase – even if you’re planning on buying them wholesale. However, you might not love the rates and prices that you’re going to go up against.

Since most, if not all of the suppliers and stores that sell on Amazon get their products from China, they’ll already toggle and modify the prices of their products.

So, you might find them more expensive and costly. Compare that to purchasing and working directly with a Chinese Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturer. You get the products fresh and straight from the Gorilla Glass 4 factory right at your door!

Tempered Gorilla Glass Case

Should you be more interested in having a tempered Gorilla Glass case, SXET has got you too! Over the years of working with different types and kinds of businesses, we’ve learned the art of manufacturing and producing tempered Gorilla Glass cases.

SXET’s wide array of 360 or full phone cases has been one of the best and the most sought-after products in our arsenal.

Whether you’re looking for an iPhone full phone case, a Samsung smartwatch 360 case, or a tempered Gorilla Glass case that goes 360, you can count on us!

All you have to do is to send us the sketch or the file of the tempered Gorilla Glass case you’re looking for and we’ll be more than happy to help you with it!

Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Phones

Gorilla Glass 6 is known to be the latest and the newest out of the Gorilla Glass variants today.

ViVo iQ00 3 – Gorilla Glass 6-enabled phone

Of course, this is if we don’t include the famous Gorilla Glass DX and Gorilla Glass DX +, as well as Gorilla Glass Victus.

Released back in 2018, the Gorilla Glass 6 is the type of Gorilla Glass that you won’t be able to find the features of in any of its predecessors.

It has been reported to survive drop tests of 1 meter for 15 consecutive times! Some of the phones housed by the Gorilla Glass 6 include, but are not limited to:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 و Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  • Oppo F9 Pro and Oppo F9
  • Oppo R17 Pro and Oppo R17
  • ون بلس 6T
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • ViVo iQ00 3
  • ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2

So, if you have any of these products, you can approach us here at SXET to produce and manufacture Gorilla Glass 4 tempered glass or screen guards and protectors for you!

Get it for the best, the most affordable, and the most competitive prices you can get!

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus Test

Gorilla Glass Victus is considered to be the newest, latest, and of course, the strongest version of Gorilla Glass.

Based on tests and experiments, it has been deemed that the Gorilla Glass Victus outperformed the Gorilla Glass 6 in many different ways.

One of the most notable features that it has is the fact that it was able to survive a drop test of two (2) meters. If regular aluminosilicate glass was dropped at this height, it’ll immediately shatter.

Another feature would be that Gorilla Glass Victus was more than 4x stronger and scratch-resistant than regular aluminosilicate glass. It’s better, more durable, and a lot stronger than the Gorilla Glass 6 in the market.

ما هو زجاج الغوريلا 4؟

Gorilla Glass 4 is a variant of the famous Corning Gorilla Glass products. Released in 2014, it’s the solution to all the problems its predecessor – Gorilla Glass 3 – had.

Is Gorilla Glass 3 unbreakable? – Nothing in this world is unbreakable. It’s only deemed to be unbreakable because of the 80% survival rate that it has up to 1 and a half meters.

Whilst it’s almost identical to the Gorilla Glass 3, the goal of Gorilla Glass 4 is to be able to give guarantee to users that it’s able to withstand pressure, impact, scratches, and even shock better than the earlier versions of the glass.

أين تستخدم زجاج الغوريلا 4؟

You use Gorilla Glass 4 in a heap of different applications. While its most common area is with consumer electronics, you can also use it to:

  • Create and manufacture tempered glass units
  • Be an assembly part or component for a smartwatch, tablet, or a smartphone
  • Produce touchscreen kiosks and digital devices
  • Innovate on better and more effective technologies for electronic devices
  • Produce point of sale (POS) and displays
  • Manufacture cameras, as well as other display parts and components

How is Gorilla Glass 4 Made?

The procedure on how Gorilla Glass 4 is made does not fall far from how the first versions were.

Image from a clip explaining how Gorilla Glass 4 is made

To give a brief background on how Gorilla Glass 4 is manufactured, here’s a quick and easy summarized version of its entire process:

Step 1: Gathering of Resources

The first step in creating or manufacturing Gorilla Glass 4 is the gathering of resources. Just like any other glass, Gorilla Glass is a mixture of various minerals and elements. The most common of which include sand, soda ash, and limestone.

So, they are gathered and sourced from various suppliers, checking which the best one is.

Step 2: Molten Mixing of Materials

Once all resources have been gathered, it’s time to mix the materials. They’re mixed through the molten process. It’s also in this step where various shards of broken glass are included.

They’re not in their powder form. Instead, they’re small pieces or shards of glass and are thrown into the furnace.

Step 3: Drying of the Molten Mixture

They’re melted and transformed into molten material for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until the time the company decides to.

After that, they take the newly made molten material out of the furnace. They let it dry for a brief moment but not dry to the extent that it’ll harden.

This procedure will only last for a few seconds. Then, they’ll send it to the machine and will undergo the process called fusion forming.

Step 4: Fusion Forming

Fusion forming is the term for this process because it fuses the molten material into the air, creating the sheet of glass that’s going to be prepared to make Gorilla Glass.

Once a particular size is formed, it’s cut using machine cutters so that it gets the exact shape and form needed.

الخطوة 5: عملية التبادل الأيوني

After all the glass sizes and dimensions have been finalized, the newly formed and made glass will now undergo the ion-exchange process.

This process is what makes Gorilla Glass 4, as well as other versions of Gorilla Glass strong and durable. The glasses are submerged into a hot salt bath. During the process, sodium ions are replaced by larger, more compact, and more intact potassium ions.

The method goes on for about a few minutes, then they’re released or lifted up from the bath.

الخطوة 6: التعبئة والتغليف

Of course, before they’re distributed to clients and businesses, they’re packaged. The type of material for the packaging will depend on what the clients are looking for.

That’s the process of how Gorilla Glass 4 is made! It’s fairly simple and easy to understand, no hocus-pocus – it’s straight to the point!

Of course, this is just the general way of how Gorilla Glass is made and manufactured. Other Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturing companies might have other procedures and processes.

ما مدى قوة زجاج الغوريلا 4؟

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – a smartphone equipped with Gorilla Glass 4

While strength isn’t accurately and precisely measured when it comes to Gorilla Glass, you can determine its strength by knowing what it can withstand.

In this regard, Gorilla Glass 4 is a product that you can expect to have a survival rate of 80% in 1-meter drops. Moreover, it’s highly scratch-resistant, meaning, you wouldn’t have to worry about light scratches made on its surface.

Based on reports, even the sharpest of keys can’t scratch and damage its surface easily.

Obviously, though, Gorilla Glass 4 is a product that you can absolutely trust and bank on if you’re ever in dire need of a sturdy, versatile, and flexible glass for your devices and machines.

الغوريلا زجاج 7

After the spawn of the Gorilla Glass 6, fans anticipated the release of a Gorilla Glass 7. However, what many people fail to realize is the fact that there’s no Gorilla Glass 7.

Instead, Gorilla Glass Victus was the product that many anticipated to be Gorilla Glass 7. It’s the type of Gorilla Glass that’s capable of resisting damage from being dropped, being subjected to pressure, and being scratched simultaneously.

How to Cut Gorilla Glass?

In the process of how Gorilla Glass is made, it’s clear that they’re cut before they’re submerged into the bath of hot salt – also known as the ion-exchange process.

The cutting is done and accomplished by a CNC or a computer numerically controlled machine. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be able to cut Gorilla Glass by using traditional cutting methods, too.

While various businesses and companies utilize highly advanced machines, you’re not, in any way, required to use those types of machines.

Here at SXET, though, we utilize various machines and equipment to carry out the cutting of our Gorilla Glass products. Most of the machines and equipment we’re using are computer numerically controlled or CNC. Meaning, we’re able to give you a full guarantee that our outputs are precise and accurate to what you’re looking for.

Which is Better Tempered Glass or Gorilla Glass?

These two (2) materials aren’t actually comparable because they have different uses. For one, tempered glass is used as an additive type of glass for consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, televisions, laptop monitors, and more.

Gorilla Glass, on the other hand, is a type of glass that’s usually a part or a component for these types and kinds of devices.

To look at it simpler and easier, try to look at your smartphone. The glass that you’re touching – that’s what a Gorilla Glass is. You can put on or install tempered glass on top of it to further protect it from light damages such as scratches.

So, the basic thing to remember here is that tempered glass is an additive type of material, while Gorilla Glass is a raw type of material.

However, several Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturers like us here at SXET were able to produce and manufacture tempered Gorilla Glass 4 products.

Yes, we’re one of the many companies that were able to come up with a tempered glass that’s made out of Gorilla Glass. More often than not, our clients utilize these tempered Gorilla Glass units for better and further protection.

What is the Toughest Screen Protector?

As of today, what’s considered the toughest screen protector in the market, is the BodyGuardz Pure. It’s known to be the strongest, toughest, and most durable because it possesses an ion-strengthened glass that’s ideally stronger, harder, and more durable than steel.

It boasts of its hardness scale of about 9H, meaning, only hard diamonds will be able to put a deep and a large scratch to it.

However, several Gorilla Glass 4 China manufacturers like us here at SXET were able to introduce Gorilla Glass screen protectors. They aren’t recorded as the best simply because they’re known as a raw glass material.

But, if they can be part of the category of screen protectors, you can consider them as the strongest.

زجاج الغوريلا 4 مقابل زجاج الغوريلا 5

Of course, our comparisons for Gorilla Glass 4 wouldn’t be complete if we don’t include the ever-famous Gorilla Glass 5 in the picture.

As many of us may find obvious, Gorilla Glass 5 is the successor of the Gorilla Glass 4. Therefore, it’s quite simple to determine that it’s more durable, stronger, and a lot longer lasting than it.

While this is the case, Gorilla Glass 4 won’t also give you false hopes.  It’s still good in terms of providing resistance against scratches, damages, cracks, and the like.

To help you in distinguishing them even further, let’s look at a quick table that would outline their differences.

الغوريلا زجاج 4 الغوريلا زجاج 5
Released in the year 2014 Released in the year 2016
Able to resist about 70% of drop tests from a height of one (1) meter. Guaranteed resistance from drops that are up to 1.2 meters. 70% survival rate from 1.6-meter drops.
Double the strength of Gorilla Glass 3. Four times the strength of Gorilla Glass 4.


These are some of the subtle differences between the ever-famous Gorilla Glass 4 and 5. You may think that their differences are subtle, but, in terms of application and usability, you’ll find the differences to be large.

Is Gorilla Glass 3 a Good Product?

Gorilla Glass 3 is considered to be one of the toughest, the most durable, and the strongest variants of the Gorilla Glass. It is in this version where the company started to focus more on resistance.

This included reducing the visibility of the scratch, while retaining strength and overall durability.

Gorilla Glass 3 is a good product, yes, but, if we compare it to the 4th version of the Gorilla Glass, the latter is a lot better.

هل زجاج الغوريلا 4 غير قابل للكسر؟

Technically speaking, even the newest Gorilla Glass version – Gorilla Glass Victus – isn’t unbreakable, nothing is.

Severe impact is needed to break Gorilla Glass 4

The question you might be asking would be if the Gorilla Glass 4 is able to resist drops to the extent that you can drop it a few times without the fear of it cracking or being damaged.

To answer it, no it’s not really unbreakable. But, you can count on its scratch and crack-resistance better than Gorilla Glass 3.

Does the Gorilla Glass 4 Need Screen Protector?

Now that we know it’s not really “unbreakable,” using a screen protector would make it last longer.

In fact, many experts consider using a Gorilla Glass screen protector that protects the entire phone, not just the screen to ensure that your phone is scratch-free all throughout its life.

Whether you have the 4th version of the Gorilla Glass, or even if you have the newest version, using a screen protector for it would be the better choice.

Can Gorilla Glass be Molded?

Yes, in fact, this change was just made recently. Newer and more modern technologies have been made to shape, mold, and fabricate Gorilla Glass into any type of form.

You can even transform it into a 3D or a 3-dimensional form, making it a more flexible and versatile option for curved displays.

So, this now brings us to our next question, which is about…

What is 3D Gorilla Glass?

3D Gorilla Glass is a type of Gorilla Glass that’s known to come in a few unique shapes. The term is due to the fact that it’s not just limited to 2D shapes, such as flat, rectangular, square, oval, and the like.

You can create and produce Gorilla Glass 4, and other Gorilla Glass versions to be in 3D form for curved and bent displays, better display and decorative setting, and the like.

Is Gorilla Glass the Strongest Glass?

A lot of people ask – is Corning Gorilla Glass unbreakable? Is it really true that it doesn’t just break out easily even when subjected to extreme pressure, impact, and temperatures?

Corning Gorilla Glass has been reported to survive drops that are around 1 meter without it breaking or being damaged.

Of course, though, just like any other type of product, Corning Gorilla Glass is resistant to damages, drops, and impact, but it’s not really unbreakable.

Many experts believe that Gorilla Glass is the strongest type of glass out there. That’s the reason why many Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturing companies, like us here at SXET, look to it as our primary product for creating parts and components.

Does Apple Use Gorilla Glass?

Yes, Apple started to use Gorilla Glass for the screens of their flagship smartphones. This started way back when the first iPhone (iPhone 3G) was released.

Things got a little wobbly, but they picked up using Gorilla Glass again on the iPhone 6. Until now, they use Gorilla Glass for some of their devices, such as MacBooks, Apple Watches, iPhones, iPads, etc.

The Best Gorilla Glass 4 China Manufacturer

While you’ll never run out of options in choosing a Gorilla Glass 4 manufacturer, you’ll never have any troubles working with us here at SXET.

For more than a decade, SXET has continuously provided high-quality Gorilla Glass 4 products for businesses and companies. Whatever application you’ll have for it, you can bank on us to get you the exact type of Gorilla Glass 4 you’re looking for.

Apart from our wide array of Gorilla Glass 4 units, we’re also skilled and adept in producing other types of glass products such as tempered glass, 3D tempered glass, phone glass, camera glass, screen protectors, and many more!

If you’re more interested in purchasing Gorilla Glass 3 products, though, we have a full and complete set of Gorilla Glass 3 products, too!

Reach out to us and be granted a free estimate or a free quotation within a few hours!

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